About my Homepage
Shortly after school and my apprenticeship (hotel-managing) in Bremen I went to Berlin. Then I decided to work as an au-pair girl in New York. It was my intention, to work in a jewish family and I had the possibility to get aquainted with the othodox rituals. Because the family supported their children to go to Israel, I became confronted with the situation there. In New York I met people, who where engaged in the protests against the Vietnam war and I participated in a huge demonstration on Fifth-Avenue in 1967. From there on I became interested in conflict and also in the situation of people in the so called in third world countries. I didn't want to continue working in my former profession and I studied educational science, Art, Englisch and German. At the beginning of the eighties I started to write articles and published books. My main issues are women's life, especially women at work - in my own country as well as in Africa, Asia and Latin America, women's movement and womens work worlwide..

Today I am engaged in the "Clean Clothes Campaign", which tries to improve the working conditions of textile-workers throuout the world in the Womens Museum of Bremen and the Womens Pages of Bremen

On my page you will find articles, book reviews and portaits of women from various countries and different professions. The main themes on this page are:
Fascism a long article about resistance of women in the ghetto of Warsaw, book reviews about women, who gave testimonies with diaries, a report of a man, who was confined for years in the Dachau concentration camp.
On the page Middle East you can find information about israeli and palestinian women who are engaged in the peace process, you will also find book reviews concerning the conflict but also literature from israeli and palestinian writes. On the page Women worldwide you will find portraits of artists (musicians and authors) On this page you will find the books I published an varios articels concerning the situation of women in the textile industry, women in islamic and jewish religion, potraits of arab and israeli authors.

Here you will also find some information about computer-games, a long paper about women in computer-industry and in games, also something about the question of violence. On this page On this page you can find a lot of pictures of various parts of the world, tips for nice Hotel, beautiful trees and mountains. A special sie is there for various trips to Italy, a country I like a lot.

If you like to contact me you can do it here.